product applications by industry


Our products have a multitude of applications, and are used all over the world.

Military: Flexfirm fabrics are used in equipment covers, temporary shelters, caution tape, tarps, and various applications.

Aerospace:  Our products are used in airplane seats, insulation blankets, windsocks, canopy covers, and helicopters, including rotor covers


Fumigation:  Flexfirm's products are used in, and we also manufacture, fumigation tarps and snakes

Inflatables:  Our fabrics are used in cold air inflatables of all types, including bounce houses and castles, buildings, characters, and shapes.

Advertising / Promotions:  In addition to inflatables, our products are used in various applications such as banners, printable banners, awnings, floats, and tents.

Tents: Flexfirm fabrics are used in a variety of tent applications, including Triage / Emergency tents.

Marine:  Flexfirm's products are used to make life preservers and buoys.


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