frequently asked questions


We are happy to answer any inquiries.  Here are some common ones.

1.  What are your standard colors?
For Aeron, Aeronel, and Daeron, they are orange, island blue, yellow, red, royal blue, black, gray, turf green, white, metallic gold, and metallic aluminum.  We usually keep these colors in inventory.
2.  What is your minimum order requirement?
For a custom color or a fabric we do not have in stock it is 100 yards.  Our minimum order amount for fabric in inventory is $100.
3.  What is your standard roll length?
It depends on the weight of the fabric, the customer's requirement, or, if it has one, the specification.
4. If I need less than the standard roll length, will you cut the roll?
Yes, we will generally do cut yardage.
5.  On what base fabrics will you coat?
We coat on polyester, cotton, nylon, and fiberglass.
6.  What weights and widths are your fabrics?
We can coat fabrics with a finished weight of 2.5 oz. up to 22 oz., and up to 62" in width.
7.  Are your materials flame retardant?  What specifications do they meet?
Our fabrics can be made with flame retardant coatings.  All of our flame retardant fabrics meet FAR 25.853 par. B specifications (Federal Aviation Regulations 25.853 paragraph B), which specifies maximum flame time and char length of fabrics.  Additionally, our fabrics can be manufactured to meet NFPA 701 standards (National Fire Protection).  Our Aeron 27 Flame Retardant fabric is certified by the California State Fire Marshall.
8.  Do you custom coat fabrics?
We can coat our fabrics to your specification.  We color match to PMS colors or the sample you provide.


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